“Connecting you to Art that Matters”

Art Katalyst Magazine is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the arts in the GTA and the rest of Canada. It is founded by Cate Hopkins and Danielle “Severin Stargher” St Laurent.

Why Art “Katalyst”? The purpose of this magazine is to help launch the careers of emerging visual artists specifically from Canada in all disciplines. A katalyst is a reaction that creates ripples of change emulating from all spectrums. The kind of artists we feature in this publication are unique, they are diverse, impassioned and they offer something special to the world.

This Toronto-based publication will focus on some taboo topics to generate awareness and encourage discourse in these issues. We focus mostly on Canadian artists however we do accept submissions from international talent.

We hope that our magazine will breathe new life into the Art market, get people excited about creating again, create new interest in new mediums or cause people to show new appreciation for a style or medium they barely knew anything about.

On top of that we want to create a space where individuals can feel accepted and praised for their talents regardless of their ethnicity, gender, class, background, form or ability.